Our contract


Hey Folks, thank you for being part of nr. 1 Eastern European fashion brand and adopting to never losing attitude. As in any functioning relationship, there are expectations and commitments from both sides:

What we expect from our TESLIK tribe:

  1. Share your TESLIK vibe: Use the phrase 'That's so TESLIK' whenever encounter anything slightly Eastern European 🙏🏽
  2. Spread the sass: Promoting TESLIK movement and never apologizing for being truly sarcastic 😏
  3. Take part in TESLIK merchandise madness: Influence our limited edition drops by sharing your ideas and designs 🎉
  4. Put your money where your mouth is: buy your superpowers 💸


  1. Ambassadors: Ambassadors are die-hard Teslik enthusiasts who genuinely believe in the brand's origins of embracing humor, never losing, and celebrating Eastern European 🚀
  2. Athletes: Running, throwing, lifting heavy things, That's alright with me man! Always on the lookout for the spectacular underdogs 💪
  3. Retail partners: Only the ones who can keep up with TESLIKs upcoming trend and sarcastic comments 🛒

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